University Sponsorship, Research & Programming

The MMI is proud of its continued support to the Faculty of Architecture and its valued relationship with the Partners Program. The design community and the Institute are proud of the connection we all have to the faculty and are happy to support guest lecture series from renowned architects world wide.

The MMI is also proud to partner with the Faculty of Engineering in various capacities to continue the advancement of masonry education for tomorrows designers.

Faculty of Engineering : Load testing
The MMI is proud to provide ongoing research support at the University of Manitoba. In this study, research is being undertaken to understand the shear forces that can be applied to various floor and beam systems, including masonry beams. The goal of the research is to understand actual vs prescribed forces published in the NBC.  This research is currently ongoing with a phase 2 currently underway .

Faculty of Architecture : Sponsored Lecture Series
The MMI is proud to support the Faculty of Architecture’s Partners Program.  Through this relationship we are ably to connect  world renowned lecturers and architects with the student population and our local design professionals.  Our most recent sponsorship brought to Winnipeg, Associate Harvard Professor and and Partner at Höweler + Yoon, Eric Höweler The MMI is also proud to be a sponsor of the recently published  V.31 of the student published Warehouse Journal

Faculty of Engineering : Thermal Mass Research Collaboration
The MMI is proud to have the Faculty of Engineering partner with this important research on understanding the effects of thermal mass in masonry construction, with respect to the heating and cooling demands on a variety of construction methods. To learn more on this research check out the Thermal Mass Collaboration file located in our Research and Collaboration section of the website.


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