Masonry Benefits

Every project benefits from the inclusion of masonry. Whether it’s big or small, simple or intricate, no other construction method can consistently offer the same unique and valuable advantages that masonry work can. Here at the Manitoba Masonry Institute, we are committed to bringing these benefits to the design and construction community.



Benefits that stand the test of time

Masonry’s already-famous durability has been taken to the next level thanks to innovative advancements through modern technology. It is an exceptionally low-maintenance and long-lasting construction option for any and all projects. As a structural element, or cladding option, centuries of masonry construction will always stand the test of time.



Masonry helps create quieter, more comfortable buildings

The mass and rigidity offered by masonry construction offers natural sound barrier. Masonry reduces the transmission of unwanted noise both into and within a building, making interior spaces much quieter, safer and much more comfortable.

Click here for more information in STC for masonry.


Fire Safety

Protecting both people and investments

Experience the long-term value offered by masonry’s ability to resist damage caused by fire. Fire safety does not start with the completed structure. The benefits of masonry starts during the construction phase of a project where buildings are at their most vulnerable stage. Fire can be unpredictable, containing them does not have to be.

Click here for more information on fire resistance ratings of concrete masonry assemblies.



Masonry is an earth-friendly choice

Bricks, concrete blocks, and stone can all be sourced with minimal environmental invasion. The ability to have them locally sourced cuts down on transportation costs and emissions, and they are also naturally recyclable.

Whether they are new or re-purposed bricks, natural stone, or block, masonry provides the solutions you are looking for in your next project.


Energy Efficiency

Performance that creates comfort and cuts costs

Masonry’s inherent thermal mass reduces spikes in energy transferences and temperature. This creates interior environments that are easier to control and more comfortable, which also leads to meaningful energy savings. Learn more about ongoing energy research in our Research & Collaboration section.



Benefits for you, benefits for the economy

The natural abundance of masonry materials allows them to be manufactured locally, which means they’re more readily available. It also helps cut down on transportation costs and helps boost the local economy.

Masons & Suppliers

Get in touch with certified local masonry contractors, suppliers, or other industry members for support, solutions, information and masonry work.