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Structural Masonry Design

This category recognizes masonry designs that showcase exceptional structural integrity and innovation. It includes projects that demonstrate creative and effective use of masonry materials in building construction, highlighting the technical prowess and expertise of both the designers and engineers.

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Artistic Expression Design

This category celebrates masonry designs that exhibit outstanding artistic creativity and craftsmanship. It encompasses projects that showcase intricate detailing, sculptural elements, ornamental features, and the skillful use of masonry techniques to create visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing structures.

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Sustainable Design

This category focuses on masonry designs that prioritize environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. It includes projects that incorporate energy-efficient masonry systems, use sustainable materials, demonstrate responsible resource management, and promote environmentally conscious construction techniques.

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Historic Preservation Design

This category honors masonry designs that contribute to the preservation and restoration of historic structures. It encompasses projects that demonstrate a sensitive and authentic approach to conserving and rehabilitating masonry buildings, showcasing the successful integration of traditional techniques with modern restoration practices.

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Landscape Integration Design

This category focuses on masonry designs that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape. It includes projects that feature masonry elements in outdoor spaces, such as retaining walls, garden structures, walkways, and fountains, highlighting how masonry can harmoniously blend with nature and enhance the overall landscape design.

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Interior Design

This category celebrates masonry designs that enhance interior spaces with their unique and creative application. It encompasses projects that showcase masonry materials used in innovative ways within buildings, including fireplaces, feature walls, flooring, staircases, and other interior architectural elements, creating visually appealing and functional spaces.

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Community and Institutional Impact Design

This category honors masonry designs that have a positive impact on the community, including educational and institutional facilities. It encompasses projects that contribute to community development, social engagement, and the improvement of educational and institutional spaces.

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Single-Family Home Design

This category recognizes outstanding masonry designs in single-family residential homes. It includes projects that showcase innovative use of masonry materials, creative architectural elements, and thoughtful integration of masonry into the overall design of the home.

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Multistory Residential Building Design

This category celebrates exceptional masonry designs in multistory residential buildings, such as apartment complexes, condominiums, and townhouses. It includes projects that demonstrate effective use of masonry in the facade, structure and exterior cladding, interior spaces, and overall aesthetic appeal of the residential structure.

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Commercial Building Design

This category recognizes exceptional masonry designs in commercial buildings. It encompasses projects that demonstrate innovative use of masonry materials and techniques in the construction of office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, and other commercial structures.

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Masonry Legacy Award

Presented by the Manitoba Masonry Institute’s Executive Council is a prestigious honor that recognizes the profound contributions of talented architects, skilled engineers, visionary designers, accomplished academics, and individuals who have left an indelible mark on the Masonry Industry. This esteemed award pays tribute to their enduring legacy and serves as a testament to their remarkable achievements in advancing the art and science of masonry design. By celebrating these individuals, the award highlights their significant and lasting impact on the industry, inspiring future generations to continue pushing the boundaries of masonry excellence.

Pays tribute to talented individuals who have made a lasting impact in masonry, inspiring future generations

Masonry Excellence Award

Presented by the Manitoba Masonry Institute's Executive Council, the Masonry Excellence Award celebrates remarkable accomplishments in masonry design. This prestigious accolade recognizes structures that exemplify excellence in masonry craftsmanship and innovation. The award encompasses all entrants considered for the Manitoba Masonry Awards categories, as well as structures constructed during the qualification period that are deemed significant by the council.

No submission necessary, all entrants will be considered.

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