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Sample Specifications

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Tech Notes

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Masonry Structures

This book was written for the Canadian Design and Construction markets to aid in the effective use of masonry as a modern form of construction. It is intended for use by senior undergraduate students, graduate students, and practicing designers. The majority of the content relates to structural applications, but there is substantial information related to planning, building materials, the building envelope, and construction that is of direct interest to architects and builders. Those familiar with basic reinforced concrete design may more readily understand the material related to structural design content.

This comprehensive coverage of masonry extends from ancient forms of construction to current usage. It provides a broad introduction to design involving planning, materials science, structural design with explanation of design load requirements, building envelope design, and construction related issues. This fundamental behaviour of masonry is covered in this textbook and is the basis upon which design in accordance with CSA S304.1-04 “Design of Masonry Structures” is introduced. A copy of the CSA S304.1-04 Standard is included at the back of the book. The authors’ extensive and detailed involvement with the writing of this and other referenced CSA masonry standards provides unique insight into how they are applied. Applications are further explained with the aid of detailed design examples.

To reflect the significant changes to the seismic provisions of the National Building Code of Canada, this textbook has extensive coverage on the effective design for increased seismic loading.

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Masonry Analysis Structural Systems (MASS)

MASS is substantially more than a simple masonry capacity analysis tool; it is a complex design tool! Generating a design is as simple as entering a few dimensions and load values. MASS™ determines the critical load combinations for Moment, Deflection, and Shear design based on loads applied by the designer. The program then quickly cycles through thousands of possible assemblage configurations (block size, block strength, reinforcement size, configuration and spacing) to determine an effective design solution. The user then has the ability to customize this solution with a few quick clicks of the mouse to remove or add unknown parameters to the design routines. In addition, MASS™ comes with a default Masonry Unit Database, which includes common masonry units and their properties.

MASS™ not only provides an easy way to enter information, it turns those inputs into detailed and comprehensive outputs in various formats. There is a simplified format for users that just want a quick solution. MASS™ also provides scaled graphic representations of the designed assemblage for visual inspection, as well as diagrams for the loads, reactions, moment, shear, deflection, and the P-M diagram. Most unique to this program is the detailed report that provides all of the intermediate design data, equations and cross-references with the design and construction CSA Masonry Standards.

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Direct Design Software for Masonry Structures

This latest software from NCMA based on The Masonry Society’s (TMS) Direct Design Handbook (TMS 403) has revolutionized a masonry project workflow when it comes to saving precious time and ultimately going above and beyond one’s client’s expectations.

It also allows one to easily communicate the design to your draftsman or contractor with fully-detailed wall elevation drawings that are not only up to the latest consensus standards and building codes, but provide a direct, simplified procedure for the structural design of concrete masonry structures for reinforced masonry.

The software fully unlocks the power of the Direct Design approach because it’s fully automated, as is the detailing of every block and reinforcing bar.

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Masonry Design for Engineers and Architects

Dr. Mike Hatzinikolas, P.Eng., former executive director of the Canadian Masonry Research Institute releases his new masonry textbook, Masonry Design for Engineers and Architects – Fourth Edition, which takes into the account the most current codes and standards. This publication, along with the previously released textbook Masonry Structures by Robert Drysdale, provides practitioners and students with the vital technical information required for Structural Masonry Design.

Educators, contact the MMI regarding our textbook support program, email

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Masonry Details

Find standardized details for your next project here. Check out our growing library of comprehensive details below

The Manitoba Masonry Institute has a variety of technical resources available to the design and construction community. We are continually adding to our libraries of masonry information available, both locally and internationally*.

Current technical resources include information on masonry system detailing, writing masonry specifications for project documentation and masonry properties and benefits.

*Details are meant to be used as a resource only. Finalized detail to meet all project specifications, codes and lawful requirements are not the responsibility of the Institute.


As an institute, the MMI has connected with other regional masonry institutes, councils, associations, centers and leading industry contributors to help navigate the various resource needs.

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