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As Manitoba’s leading masonry organization, we are dedicated to leading the masonry industry forward within the province. We work hand in hand with the design, architecture, and building industries to help develop solutions that leverage the unique and valuable benefits of masonry work. We also support our fellow masons through education and research—we help masons and businesses reach the next level.

Membership in the MMCA is open to any and all masonry contractors, suppliers, and industry participators.

MMCA Membership Application

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MMCA Members include masonry contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers of products and services to the industry. MMCA members are a vital part of the institute. The knowledge and expertise of our members and their involvement help make us leaders in the local industry. Benefits of membership cover a wide range of categories important to your companies bottom line.

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We, the undersigned, hereby make application to Manitoba Masonry Contractors Association. Upon acceptance by the MMCA Executive, we agree to conform to and abide by the MMCA Constitution & Bylaws now or here-to-after in force. Membership is subject to signing the MMCA Constitution.

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Full membership with the MMCA gives benefits of CMCA, CMDC and the MMI. CMDC is an organization that helps contractors “connect” with engineers through their advice and through education of both contractors and engineers on proper masonry construction practices and designs.

It furthermore assists masonry contractors by providing services of a professional engineer in cases of disputes where contractors feel they are unfairly branded in their performance on a project (ie: Unreasonable requirements of design, etc.)

Last but not least, contractors can look for assistance from the CMDC in their efforts to convert projects to masonry from other proposed construction methods.

Full Membership (Includes CMCA and MMI membership):

$1000 / Year + hourly remittance as per collective bargaining agreement.
Non-union members submit as per WCB hours (Gentleman’s Agreement).


Get in touch with certified local masonry contractors, suppliers, or other industry members for support, solutions, information and masonry work.