To be educated as a bricklayer, contact any registered MMCA member and apply for a position. The apprenticeship process is confirmed by the agreement signed between the applicant and the masonry contractor.

The most common & effective way potential candidates use is to seek employment with a contractor member. They after a short trial period would sign the apprenticeship agreement and register this with the apprenticeship branch.

For more information, visit or contact: (204) 945-3337

Q: What is Masonry?

A: Masonry is the art of building in stone, clay, brick and concrete blocks. Masonry, also known as brick or stone work, has been an art throughout history. The Egyptian pyramids, the Roman Coliseum, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the Parliament buildings - some of the world's most significant architectural achievements have been built with masonry. Throughout civilization, architects and builders have chosen masonry for its beauty, versatility, and durability. Masonry resists the destructive effects of time and weather, and remains beautiful for centuries. Today, everywhere you turn, you see the work of a skilled mason - in office buildings, homes, schools, factories, patios, fireplaces and more.

Q: Why Masonry?

A: Take pleasure in hands-on tasks.

If sitting in an office all day typing up documents isn't your ideal job, there are alternative options for those who prefer a more hands-on approach. For example, Masonry provides constant engagement with hands, allowing individuals to see and touch what they create. This tangible and satisfying form of work offers practical benefits that may appeal to those seeking a fulfilling career.

Capable of working outdoors and at elevated levels.

If you're someone who enjoys spending most of your time working outdoors, then pursuing a career as a Mason may be right up your alley. As a Mason, you'll spend the majority of your time working outside on various projects. Some of these projects may also require you to work at different heights, so if you're comfortable with being off the ground from time to time, then this career may be a great fit for you.

Part of the Community

Masonry is an inclusive trade that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds. Although it has been male-dominated throughout history, the industry has progressed towards greater inclusivity. Masonry contractors now acknowledge the significance of diversity and the benefits that a diverse workforce brings to their projects. The masonry industry recognizes hard work, dedication, and a desire to learn as valuable traits, regardless of an individual's background. With an unwavering commitment to equality and inclusivity, masonry provides a chance for everyone to acquire a valuable skill and establish a fulfilling career.

Strong hand-eye coordination

If you have a knack for activities that require synchronization between your hand and eye movements, such as playing sports, instruments, or video games, then you might be a good fit for Masonry. Having good hand-eye coordination is a crucial skill for Masons and can significantly improve their speed and precision while working. The more well-tuned your hand-eye coordination is, the better your finished work will be.

Technical Proficiency

Having a technical aptitude is an essential trait for many jobs, and Masonry is no exception. It involves understanding and applying technical principles such as building codes, blueprints, and geometry to create structurally sound buildings. Therefore, if you have a good technical aptitude, it can be a great advantage in becoming a successful Mason.

Balancing Collaboration and Autonomy: Essential Skills for Success

Being a Mason requires the ability to work well with others as part of a team, while also being able to work independently. It is important to be able to communicate effectively with other team members to ensure the project runs smoothly, but also to be self-sufficient and able to work on your own when necessary. A balance of both teamwork and independence is key to success in this field.

Physical Fitness

As a Mason, your work is very practical and hands-on, mainly done outdoors. This means physical fitness is essential for the job, but the good news is that Masonry itself can help keep you in shape. If you enjoy physical activity and don't mind breaking a sweat, then a career in Masonry might be the perfect fit for you.

Dedication & Desire

While having the other aforementioned qualities is important, the two most crucial factors are your attitude and attendance. Being punctual, ambitious, and dedicated can make all the difference in your success as a Mason and beyond. With these qualities, you can achieve not only a fulfilling job and a desirable work-life balance, but also the potential to advance as a professional builder or even become a leader in the building and construction industry.

Q: What Characteristics Should I Have to Succeed?

A: As a mason, you should be physically fit, enjoy working outdoors, work well with your hands and have a good eye for precision. You will be expected to work quickly and precisely according to a prearranged schedule, to accurately follow blueprints, and to be flexible enough to adapt to various materials, techniques and conditions. As there is minimal supervision on most job sites, motivation, dependability and the ability to take initiative are all important characteristics of masons. You also need good interpersonal communication skills to interact with clients, foremen and co-workers, and an appreciation of architecture, design and proportion.

Q: How do I Become a Mason?

A: Masonry apprenticeships are typically offered by technical and community colleges or professional associations, and unions. In Manitoba, this programming is offered through Red River College Polytech. These programs are 3 Levels and include classroom instruction as well as on-the-job training. Apprentices must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent. During the program, apprentices are sponsored by an employer or union and receive pay, which increases as they progress. Classroom learning covers topics like blueprint reading, math, and the history of the trade, while on-the-job training focuses on specific skills related to the type of masonry being studied, such as concrete block or bricklaying. Apprentices who complete the program can become journeymen masons. To enter an apprenticeship, individuals must find an employer willing to enter into an apprenticeship agreement. The length of apprenticeship is three levels, and financial assistance may be available for employers sponsoring their employees through the program. To become a red seal mason, a total of 1600 hours of on-the-job and technical training are required across the three levels of the program.

Level One : Consists of 9 weeks of technical Training (Enrolled in the Masonry apprenticeship program at RRCP)

Level Two : Consists of 8 weeks of technical Training (Enrolled in the Masonry apprenticeship program at RRCP)

Level Three : Consists of 6 weeks of technical Training (Enrolled in the Masonry apprenticeship program at RRCP)o

Detailed training standards can be found at the following Government of Manitoba Website:

Note: There is a process and option available for a person with 4.5 years of on the job experience and over 7200 hours of related experience to challenge the Exam. Please visit the MB government website to review the most current condition as well as required submittal information to pursue this option.

The industry hourly wages, as of October 1, 2023 are as follows*:

Journeyman 100% $ 54.75
3rd year 90% $ 49.40
2nd year 75% $ 41.37
1st year 60% $ 33.35

Apprenticeship wages are dictated as a percentage of a full journeyman’s hourly rate. These typically change on a yearly basis, as outlined in the most current collective bargaining agreement between the International Union for Masons and Allied Craftworkers Local No. 1 Manitoba the Manitoba Masonry Contractors Association.

* Wages shown are as per the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement between Bricklayers Union and the MMCA. Wages may vary based upon region, skills and abilities and the status of a company being either unionized or non-unionized. An hourly range can be expected.

Q: Is there Financial Assistance Available?

A: There are many forms of financial support available, dependent upon a persons personal circumstance. A masonry contractor would be happy to assist in helping to find a solution that is right for your individual needs.

To start, some of the available funding can be researched as follows:

Q: What are the long term career prospects for masons?

A: Journeyman masons who gain experience can eventually become master tradesmen and train new apprentices. Masons with business skill can open their own contracting or subcontracting companies.

Q: How can I find a job as a Mason?

A: Journeyman masons may continue working with the same employer that facilitated their apprenticeship, but others find new work through their union or by responding to job postings in their area.

Q: Top 10 Benefits of Joining the Masonry Industry:

A: Debt-free education: Learn and Earn Simultaneously.

Unlike college tuition, which requires a 4+ year financial commitment that often results in a mountain of debt, masonry training programs are an affordable alternative that offers an opportunity to earn an income while learning on the job site. With masonry construction being in high demand, a promising and lucrative career awaits you upon graduation.

Career Opportunities Await You

With the aid of technological advancements and innovative practices, the masonry industry offers numerous career prospects. From on-site positions like mason, laborer, foreman, and superintendent to executive roles such as estimator, project manager, marketing, and management, the chance to progress within a company is constant.

Take charge of your own destiny

For many who enter the masonry industry, owning their own contracting business is a natural next step or evolution. Whether big or small, such businesses demand strong leadership and vision. In masonry, every day is a learning experience, presenting opportunities to build a venture that fulfills your entrepreneurial ambitions and leads to success.

The Satisfaction of Leaving Your Mark in the World

As a mason, you have the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the world's skyline and take immense pride and satisfaction in the work you do every day. Whether you're working on a residential home, school, hospital, or sports stadium, each brick, block, or stone you install is a testament to your commitment to advancing history and meeting the needs of society.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

The work environment of a mason is the vast outdoors, unlike a cramped cubicle with a desk and chair. With each project, the construction site changes, providing a refreshing and dynamic atmosphere filled with new hurdles and opportunities to overcome.

Travel Opportunities in the Masonry Industry

The demand for skilled masons, foremen, and superintendents is high across the world, and those with the necessary expertise, ability, and confidence can choose to work anywhere they desire. The masonry industry offers exciting new experiences and destinations for those seeking a change of scenery or a new adventure.

Stay Fit While You Work

Working in masonry offers an excellent opportunity to maintain good physical and mental health through regular exercise. Instead of paying for a gym membership or dedicating personal time to cardio and weight training, masonry work keeps you active and in good shape, providing the health benefits that doctors recommend.

Building Together: Masonry as a Team Effort

In masonry, teams work seamlessly together like a finely tuned machine to tackle any obstacles and reach a shared objective. Similar to team sports, the industry thrives on a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that often leads to lasting friendships based on mutual respect and trust.


Masonry is a progressive industry that is constantly integrating new technology and innovations to meet the competitive demands and safety expectations of the construction industry, while still preserving its strong history of traditional practices. With advancements in products, equipment, and systems, new career opportunities are constantly emerging and expanding new markets.

Unlimited Potential

In the masonry business, performance is key. On the jobsite, excellence in craftsmanship and productivity are greatly appreciated and rewarded, and your income is based on your abilities, ingenuity, drive, and determination to succeed. The formula is straightforward, and you are in charge of your own destiny. As you become more skilled, your income and value to the company increase, which could eventually lead to the formation of your own company.

Q: Still Have Questions?

A: Contact us at or click on find a mason and call any one of our member masons to find out more about your next career.


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