A timeless aesthetic with proven benefits

Trusted by designers and builders around the world for centuries. Brick is a strong, timeless, and sustainable investment for your projects.




Brick’s versatility allows you to create truly original and creative aesthetics, all of which offer timeless class and elegance.


Made from naturally abundant materials, brick is easy to access and a steady reliable source for todays construction market.


Paint or other treatments are not needed to ensure brick’s aesthetics or strength—upkeep is simple, minimal, and economical.

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Where versatility and performance meet

It's easy to see why block is such a desirable choice. Concrete blocks are a multi-faceted and enduring choice for projects of any size, style, or complexity.



Design dreams are easily realized thanks to a wide availability of different concrete block shapes, sizes, and colours.


Concrete blocks are locally sourced and manufactured, which means they’re both readily available and sustainable.


Thanks to their density, concrete blocks allow fewer airborne allergens, moulds, or toxins to enter into and circulate within a structure.

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Strength and style that stand the test of time

Stone is the very definition of dependable. It’s unyielding stability and reliability maximize the performance and longevity of any building or structure.

Material - Stone



Stone masonry provides a beautiful, weather resistant, maintenance free alternative.


The risk of moisture, wind, fire, climactic damage, and even pest infestation, are all greatly diminished thanks to stone’s steadfast strength.


Looking for materials that helped shape our landscape? The solution can be found on some of the most iconic structures in our great province. Looking back at history or forward to the future, this timeless material represents a strong Manitoba.

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Adhered Veneers

Flexibility, Durability, and Unlimited Selection

Today's Adhered Veneers offer an endless array of style and options to satisfy your projects unique needs. All the advantages and beauty of natural materials, in a light weight application.

It is available in both natural and manufactured materials.

Material - Veneers



Adhered veneers offer a variety of fastening systems that work both inside and out for your project.


An ever increasing choice of style, colours, and patterns that offer the "look" you are after.


A wide variety of installation options offers the right solution for your next design.

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Masons & Suppliers

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