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Summer 2022 Edition

On Point Magazine - Summer 2022

  • The Winnipeg Art Gallery new addition QUAMAJUQ
  • Understanding Thermal Performance of Masonry
  • A Historic Renovation at the University of Manitoba administration Building
  • It takes a WARRIOR – Finding a cure for DIPG brain cancer

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Fall 2021 Edition

On Point Magazine - Fall 2021

  • Industry Titan H. Laarveld Takes Us On One Mans Journey Of Giving Back To His Trade.
  • A Church That Inspires A Neighbourhood
  • Architectural Firm Discusses Integrated Design, Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship and Schools.
  • Historical Masonry Restoration

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Inside This Edition

On Point Magazine - Winter 2021

  • True North Center. An Interior Perspective In Stone
  • ABC’S Of Masonry
  • Thermal Mass Research Project
  • Spotlight Features

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