About MMI

Our Mission

The Manitoba Masonry Institute (MMI) is leading to support, develop, and strengthen the masonry industry in Manitoba. By working with the design community on education and research, providing technical information both newly developed and available from existing sources.

It is our goal, that by leading legislative reform and strengthening industry partnerships we provide quality of service and life safety to the public.

Purpose & Goals

The Manitoba Masonry Institute (MMI) is a not-for-profit institution created to support and further develop the local masonry industry. The members represent a wide range of products, from Full Bed Traditional Masonry, Concrete Masonry Units, Natural/Man-Made Stones and Thin Fastened/Adhered products. Repair, Re-pointing, Renovations and New Construction are among the expertise carried out by our members.

Our mission is to meet the needs and requirements of designers, developers, owners, educators and government officials, in an ever-changing building environment.

It is our goal to provide fact-based solutions, technical information and research in a collaborative, trusted and professional manner.

We achieve this through the following:



We believe in communication and collaboration, which is why we offer regular seminars that communicate and present any developments, initiatives, and more.

Tech Sessions

Tech Sessions

It’s important to stay up to date on the industry and any new advancements or progressions. Our tech sessions help introduce important information and evolutions.



Knowledge is meant to be grown. We invest in doing proper, trusted and technical research into important subjects and areas. We then make that research available to anyone and everyone.


There are many advantages to masonry work. Our goal is to make sure architects, designers, builders, engineers, and our own members are fully educated on the benefits of masonry.

Sponsored Events

Supporting the industry and the community are top priorities for us. We’re proud to sponsor local efforts and to be a part of events that bring attention to masonry and benefit to everyone.

Meet our Team


Michael Coghill

Target Products
First VP

Chris Cunha

Cunha Masonry
Second VP

Jason Alsip

Alsips Building Products Services
Third VP

Luciano Bergagnini

Roma Masonry Ltd

Lee Hotas

Expocrete Concrete Products
Immediate Past President

Norm Blerot

Blerot Masonry (2000 Ltd)


Director of Business Development

Peter Schuster

(204) 226-2695

Pamela Pineau


Manitoba Masonry Awards

2024 Manitoba Masonry Design Awards

We’re proud of the strong and enduring partnership between the Manitoba Masonry Institute and Manitoba’s architectural community. These awards are our way of showcasing the excellence in masonry that architects, designers, and masons complete each year in every corner of our province.

Entries for the October 24,2024 Manitoba Masonry Design Awards must be submitted by April 30, 2024.

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Manitoba Masonry Awards

Manitoba Masonry Awards

Masons & Suppliers

Get in touch with certified local masonry contractors, suppliers, or other industry members for support, solutions, information and masonry work.